Trending Color Combinations in 2020; Predictions in Design

When it comes to crafting a visual identity for a brand, the color palette is often one of the first decisions a graphic designer will make. A proper color scheme will set the overall mood and lay the foundation for the brand’s voice and helps to be a guide for following design choices. Today we’re going to talk about my predictions of trending color combinations for the new year.

The exact hex numbers and pantone shades will probably end up being edited and change a bit as the design evolves, but that first pick of color helps get the designer’s first push into the creative flow. Following (some) trends are a great way to create work that helps alleviate creative block while allowing yourself to push the boundaries on your own creative style.

I put together a list of my top three predictions for color palette trends in 2020:

Burnt Orange and Teal

In bright and fun brands, and especially on Instagram feeds – the orange and teal color combination has been a favorite in 2019. The new decade is now  turning up the heat on this duo, with standard orange being swapped for a more burnt tone to warm it up. And a super minty teal to cool it down. 

Being on opposite ends of the color wheel, this trending color combination is hard to miss. It’s a clever design choice that’s sure to be channelled by many modern brands in 2020. Orange and Teal work so well together because the colors are complimentary, and earth tones in general certainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

orange and teal trending color combinations
Deep earth tones paired with a bright cool color makes for a beautiful, complimentary, and trending color combinations in 2020.

Shades of Orange

trending color combinations 2020 burnt orange and tangerine
Shades of Orange for 2020

And since we’re speaking of earth tones…Let us move on to shades of orange for another of my favorite trending color combinations. Monotone branding and design has been especially popular with millennials in recent years and will likely continue to do so in 2020. 

Leaning into nature and earth, layering darker oranges on top of the peaches, beiges, and other light orange tones brings a pop of dimension. It gives the feeling of welcoming, warmth, and familiarity. This orange on orange color combination is likely to be used by modern brands that are looking to market to (or continue marketing to) the millennial demographic.

Light Pink and Classic Blue

The pink and blue combination works well for brands that want to stand out. Baby clothing brands usually use pink and blue on their own as “gender colors”. In newer color trends in 2020 we will likely see (a continuation of) this color combo as a dynamic duo that is way more effective together. As you probably already know, the pairing for pink and blue isn’t anything new. Throughout the years we’ve seen color iterations of these trending color combinations in with baby pink and blue, hot pink and bright aqua blues (very 80’s!). 2020 is sure to bring it in with bright and bold blues with softer pinks for a lasting visual identity.

trending color combinations 2020 pink and blue
Pink and Blue Color Combos in 2020

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