5 Things To Consider Before You Hire A Web Designer

When you’re looking for someone to build your website and the graphic content that lives inside it, it might be tempting to hire the first person you meet that shows interest with a price that fits your budget. Here are five things you may want to think about before jumping in and hire a web designer on the spot:

  1. Does this person have a consistent portfolio? Look at their work. Does it look like one person made it or are you confused by the lack of cohesiveness?

    • A lack of cohesive design may speak to a few things. One extremely important (and potentially legal) item being the originality of the work. It’s true that artists and designer are capable and work within a large range of designs, but it is also important to recognize that while versatility is a sought after skill, your preferences must be on their list of “can-do’s”.
  2. Are they well versed or semi versed in UX and UI?

    • Just because someone can build or code websites doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to relate to an audience. You will usually be able to see this through their previous work. If not, ask them for a quick sketch for a landing page example.
  3. Ask a lot of questions! Find out if they fully understand your wants and needs.

    • Communication might make or break the outcome of your project. Hire a web designer that can answer all of your questions.
  4. Chemistry. Make sure you and your potential hire are on the same page.

    • Before you hire a web designer, make sure you can relate to each other. If not, it may not be best to work with together especially if you need to bee working alongside each other long term. I think that this is one of the most important things between client/designer relationships. All relationships need chemistry to work- including professional ones!
  5. Pricing. As a freelance designer, I am constantly fighting my way through lower bids for a project. Especially when starting out, someone may bid extremely low just to get the job.

    • Please consider that when someone is getting paid below their worth (whether they know it or not)- they are less inclined to bust their ass. Hire a web designer that knows their worth, and PAY them their worth.

What you need to do:

It is important for you to do your own legwork too. Although you’re hiring someone to do the brunt of the design work, your job is to know what you want. It is extremely difficult and oftentimes impossible for a designer to get the job done correctly when the client (you) is at a loss. Put together a “wish list” of what you want your site to look like. Gather examples of similar sites and businesses, designs and copy, and other elements that speak to what your ideal outcome is. Be realistic with your expectations and reasonable with your budget.


Here are a few websites I enjoy that help spark my web design creativity! You can use these to gather inspiration before you hire a web designer:

Dribble | Web Design Inspiration |Web Design Ledger



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