Design Projects

FR Children’s Foundation:

Art Direction & Design

Social Media Design:

Exploring branding through social media

card designer for advertisement

Petals Laser Spa:

Art Direction & Design

Save the Brand:

Art Direction & Design

Logo Design

Presentations and Powerpoints

Powerpoint Presentation:

Roxette Arisa

Full Branding & Presentation:

Rx Thrive

Full Branding & Presentation:

Nuvo Marketing

Branded Presentation:

Swagship (via Studio DBC)

Personal Projects

POP! Champagne Can Design

The “Official” Passover 2020 Branding

Full Branding: Blue Tiger Coffee Co.

The Office: A Re-Brand

Popsnaxx is a personal passion project from 2017, marrying together two of my favorite things: snacking and pop culture. 

More Design Items

Full branding for a home-chef business.

Mood board + Branding and package design for essential oils.

Package design for blemish dots for JustGLOW NYC, skincare brand.

Poster Design for 5K Run to benefit curing childhood cancer.

Motion design for Ascot Group Insurance in collaboration with Clock & Cherry Creative.